Student room for RELAX

The task of this project was to design a reconstruction of a room that would be used exclusively for the needs of students and faculty.

The main idea of our proposal was to create a room that would be for students cozy and welcoming. The basic concept of the solution is based on the current state of the room volume. The room contains two masses that are in opposition to each other - high mass of the utility room in the southwest corner and and mass in the opposite corner containing electrical wiring and aircondotion unit. Both of these masses are playing in our design role.

Our main goal was to create a comfortable environment that will serve students for everyday life as well as unique opportunities. Activities of students are ideologically divided into "active" (discussions, meetings, games) and "passive" (watching movies, surfing the Internet, reading).
For both of these activities is the need of physical and psychological comfort. In case of physical comfort was important for us to convenience (bean bags, rocking bags, pillows), a full belly (kitchenette with microwave or toaster), without thirst (space for pouring beer or Kofola). Psychic comfort, we have defined the need for silence and privacy (division of space into smaller segments), social interaction (possibility of a settling in groups) and visual comfort (choice of warm materialsaccompanied by soft lighting).

Co-author: Mária Hajasová

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