Sports hall - Luziny

The project roofing sports hall in Prague Lužiny is designed in the spirit of organic architecture. The construction of its full-of-curves-shape concept contrast to existing rectangular panel urban area surrounding Lužiny. The new sports hall brings to an otherwise stereotypical new charge of the estate. Hall and its surroundings is conceived as a new sports and social center of this area. The whole object of sports hall besides the main sports area includes of course the appropriate sports facilities in the form changing rooms, showers and a small fitness. A considerable part of the project occupies a small restaurant.

Hall boasts an extremely subtle and lightweight design. Roofing sports hall is solved by two pairs of steel arches with a span of 115 meters. Between these arches is a system of steel cables in a rectangular grid. Rope net is tensioned in the longitudinal and transverse direction. The fields cable networks are then filled with wooden frames with thermal isolation that offer thermal and waterproofing function. The dilation between frames is determined directly in each corner of the wooden frame.

The supporting structure of the roof of the hall and the overall thermal envelope of the object is independent of the internal organization and internal structures.

The project designed by Lukáš Makovička
The static calculation made by Petra Barochová

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