Workshop - Vrané nad Vltavou

The goal of this workshop was to create an architectural and urban-design study that would respond to the needs of the town Vrané nad Vltavou in a new fresh ideas form.

One of the basic elements of this project is linked to the newly constructed bike path from Prague. It was also taken into account to solve the problem of flooding in the lower part of Vrané (below the dam). The next problems are creating the "center" of the town and finding the associated freely accessible spaces and areas for sport and recreation. A very important point of our program was also thinking about the revitalization and conversion area of ​​the old paper mill.

The project dealt with closer links both sides of the river through the newly built footbridge. Designing the observation pier at the highest kicked the left bank. The new designed zip-line would become an adrenalin attraction of regional importance. To satisfy the taste of summer cinema pier or a small pool (this is all based on a public survey among residents of Vrané nad Vltavou), we proposed multi-purpose pier that holds all of these features.

The project developed by:
Katarina Gloneková (CUA)
Dominika Petrášová (STU)
Jaroslav Dráb (SPU Nitra)
Lukáš Makovička (CTU)

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